Animal Agriculture Subsidies Threaten Our Planet

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What's the largest cause of climate change on the planet?

"Compared to plant protein, raising animal protein takes up to one hundred times more water, eleven times more fossil fuels, and five times more land. And the growth of lobbying in relation to the cost of running a national political campaign has ushered in an era in which legislation has weakened existing laws about cruelty to farm animals, food defamation, undercover investigations, food injury lawsuits, and ecoterrorism. Our legislators need the animal agriculture industry’s cash to stay in office, and the trade-off that props up the animal as food industry hurts U.S. citizens."


A new film titled Eating You Alive

When considering shifting your diet to be mostly or all plant based - it is natural for concerns about nutrition to come to mind.

It's fully understandable when coming from a place that you know - your status quo - for a new option to seem risky.. Questions about protein and calcium are common.

To help with this type of change, it's great to get information from a variety of health professionals who are also knowledgeable about whole plant based nutrition.

This new movie is currently in limited screenings: Eating You Alive

We highly recommend it when it enters wide release. It is full of information, from all types of professionals

It will pivot your perspective to the perspective of how can you not consider the wonderfully abundant nutrition of plant based foods.

One Idea Can Make A World Of Difference


Ietef Vita is a hip-hop yogi and youth advocate working to turn a Denver food desert into a health food paradise.

The Carbon Foodprint of 5 Diets Compared

It is well understood that meat production has a big carbon footprint. Numerous studies detail the climate impact of livestock, but just how big is it’s impact on a person’s foodprint? This post compares the carbon footprints of five different American diets and finds that when it comes to foodprints vegan’s lead the way.

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3 Of The Best Vegan Clothing Brands


The appetite for fast fashion has dissipated over the past several years. It’s simply no longer stylish to buy throw away “trend” pieces. Today’s modern consumer prefers to make a considered choice, not just about the item he or she buys, but about how it is created too. Just as most of us favour a farm to fork approach from our food suppliers, shoppers are coveting transparency and authenticity from the brands they buy clothes from.

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Healthy Lifestyle

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Cool Concept!

Fresh food is very costly in the North because much of it has to be flown in at great expense. But a cutting-edge, igloo-shaped greenhouse in the community of Naujaat, Nunavut, located right on the Arctic Circle, is defying the harsh climate to produce peas, kale, carrots, turnips, lettuce, tomatoes and other fresh goodies. The breakthrough could save residents a bundle.…/kale-in-the-arctic-inside-an-igloo-gree…

Fresh food is very costly in the North because much of it has to be flown in at great expense. But a cutting-edge, igloo-shaped greenhouse in the community of…