How it all began


“We started as a family of healthy food-savvy individuals, who are passionate in sharing the excellent benefits of plant food nutrition. Our knack for vibrant, healthy nutrition drives us to share the essence of plant-focused diet.”

— Kamal Gill

“We're driven towards spawning the idea of plant based options everywhere into a reality.”

— Bill Buddle

A Brand New Chapter

Be a part of it.


VegHeads is a platform company whose purpose is to support a lifestyle that help manifests a sustainable planet. We do this by showcasing talents within the plant-based community and to entice those hungry for delicious food, fit body and ethically-sourced wearable products.

Our Mission

To support lifestyles that creates a sustainable planet. 


Our Values 

Combine the passion for plant-based, whole food nutrition and entrepreneurship to ignites growth.

Empower and cultivate community ambassadors to inspire passion and awareness both locally and globally.

Create and nurture relationships that are built on respect, rapport and support.

Foster teamwork and collaboration.  


Our Purpose

VegHeads is a platform company whose purpose is to support a lifestyle that help manifests a sustainable planet. We do this by showcasing talents within the plant-based community and to entice those hungry for delicious food, fit body and ethically-sourced wearable products.

The Team

William Buddle

William Buddle is a vegetarian for 2 decades and vegan for a decade now. He is an animal whisper. This Queens’ graduate is sensitive, compassionate and has a big heart. He keeps himself busy with various IT projects. You can find him on his time off at a local vegan café or sailing not only on Ontario lake as well as in the BVIs with friends and family.

He met Kamal in the kitchen. Kamal enjoyed his sous chef skills and his generosity in listening in the kitchen.

He is a dad who will drop anything to be there for their daughters. They both love his dad jokes although higher their eye rolls the better is his jokes.  

He is a tremendous support at VegHeads to create plant-forward awareness, build relationships in the vegan community and event management.

Kamal Gill

Kamal Gill can be a bit know it all when it comes to animal rights. Raised with a religious mom and a missionary dad she learned early on no one is listening. What about those poor animals who give their lives of being human food? Are you feeling bad and guilty already? My job is done! Just kidding!

All the education, mine in sciences and knowledge in the world cannot justify what these animals must go through. What about the health of human bodies? Somehow we humans are responsible for our health. What about when you are raised with a culture of meat and dairy? When did plant food become so hard or expensive or unhealthy? 

Personally, being threatened by a doctor regarding my plant-forward choices, watching my younger sister die from pain and suffering due to colon cancer I had to wake up and do some research. I am not talking google searches. Stared to take nutrition education, coaching from plant-forward doctors and researchers I took on changing how I want to nourish my body and my family. 

In the past five years ago, I started VegHeads Community to lead by example, to share plant-forward heroes and businesses who would love to share their plant-forward passions at VegHeads markets with you all. Please come and show your support!

Francis Yap

Francis Yap is bigger than life. His presence can be felt in his voice and when he laughed. He is talented in website design and management. Another animal whisperer at VegHeads is fitting as the love of his life is a Maltese Yorkshire Terrier, “Ryno”. During Francis’ time off, he enjoys being near water and participating in any water sports. 

His ability to complete projects above and beyond expectations caught Kamal Gill’s attention during their leadership training. When Kamal and Francis met, they had a connection to what is possible in a lifestyle change to vegan. Their journey started with making Vegheads community accessible worldwide with his savvy expertise in website design and eCommerce.

He is looking forward to meeting the guests and vendors at the next VegHeads market. Come say "Hello"!

Fidan Ismayilova

Fidan Ismayilova, WPICC, Founder of Designed Dream Wedding & Event Planning and Certified Event Planner. With two Master’s degrees and an extensive experience in Marketing and Project Management, Fidan successfully launched Designed Dream Events in 2010, with the firm belief that she could help and support other people to plan their dream events.

Pulling experience together from all over the world; having spent significant parts of her life in Europe, Asia and North America, studying and after working in a corporate world in the Marketing, Project Management and Advertising fields, Fidan is able to include all of these knowledge, as well as understanding of the different cultures into her planning skills. This gives her an advantage in understanding and working with various cultures, as well as small or large corporate clients. 

Monika Mann

Monika Mann is gifted in relationships when it comes to personal and professional. Yes, she is born with it!

Her education in events Management and Retail Buying landed her in Retail Management. After twelve years in retail, she can dress you to feel and be confident in your own skin. Her drive to excel in personal and professional relationships has earned her being top seller at the retail field.

Her natural ability to socialize it is a natural step into Social Media Marketing.

For the past five years she has been a great gift to @vegheadsto in all areas of social marketing.

After the death of her beloved aunt, Monika was aware of the impact diet can make within health. She respects and supports the Vegan community. With the help of her chef Fiancé Hamza, they have created some amazing plant-based alternatives to meat-eater classics. At VegHeads they have created the basic recipe for Instant Vegan Mac & Cheese sauce. Which available at the VegHeads Markets.

The possibility Monika is creating with VegHeasds is to get to know you and your passion towards plant based lifestyle and sustainable planet.

Ryno Yap

Ryno adopted Francis. As a city boy, Francis was totally lost in the country when Ryno found him. It took Ryno about 45 minutes to decide if this was the human for him. After thinking long and hard, Ryno could sense by Francis’ excitement that they were a match. Ryno has trained Francis on his commands. Ryno found Francis a big cuddly bear who kept him safe, warm and fed.

Whiskers Gill

Whiskers Gill is warm, loving and intelligent feline. She easily seduced the lady of the house, Kamal. That was 13 years ago when Whiskers decided to adapt to this family. Even Kamal has not noticed that Bill and both of her daughters have been taken over by Whiskers.  This family is so gullible Whiskers thought as she often stands in front of backdoor for minutes to decide if she wants to go out or not. Whiskers loves to go in and out all day. This family is lucky that Whiskers is the only one who hunts for these poor vegans.